: Jesse Young

Telerivet diagram Telerivet 2012-
Telerivet makes it easy for anyone to deploy an SMS service anywhere in the world, by using an Android phone as a SMS gateway. We have actual paying customers.
Envaya 2010-
Envaya is a web/mobile publishing and collaboration platform for civil society organizations in East Africa. I write most of the code, and also design features and interactions to address challenges faced by users in developing countries (e.g., limited computer experience, bandwidth, language understanding).
A team of friends who play The Game, a puzzle-solving treasure hunt in the Bay Area. In July 2009, we hosted BANG 24.
Apture 2006-2010
Apture was a communication platform allowing publishers and bloggers to easily add multimedia to their websites. Later on, Google bought it and now it's gone.
Congress Name Challenge Congress Name Challenge August 2009
By request from a friend who was interning at the NYT's politics blog, I adapted the classic Roble Name Challenge game for the 111th United States Congress. Can you memorize the faces of all 535 congresspeople?
The The 'Popems2' Project 2006-2007
An ASP.NET course-management website for Stanford's introductory computer science courses; handles student section assignments, assignment grading, and lots of other fun stuff. And it has a Wiki.
CRANEA Cranea Encrypted Text Adventure 2005-2008
With most text adventures, it's fairly easy for players to cheat by using a debugger to examine the available actions. For times when preventing cheating is important (like puzzle hunts!), I made this program that encrypts each part of the text adventure using a key derived from the command text.
Webauth for IIS Webauth for IIS 2005-2006
An authentication module for IIS 6.0 that allows users to authenticate to websites using the WebAuth single sign-on infrastructure. Can also map WebAuth users to Windows accounts, allowing easy file authorization using Windows access control lists.
NanoPHarm: Roble Game 2007 NanoPHarm: Roble Game 2007 April 2007
Even though I was no longer on Roble Staff, I managed to find myself on Game Control once again in 2007.
Stanford Racing Boosters: Roble Game 2006 Stanford Racing Boosters: Roble Game 2006 April 2006
The Stanford Racing Team, fresh off their heroic victory in the DARPA Grand Challenge, offered Roble residents "an evening with Stanley" on April 28, 2006. But they forgot to account for Dr. X.
CRANEA: Roble Game 2005 CRANEA: Roble Game 2005 April 2005
In April 2005, the mysterious California Rapid Alert Narcotics Enforcement Agency began recruiting teams of Roble residents for an 18-hour training mission. In an all-night race solving tricky puzzles on the trail of the evil Dr. Dement, players must question everything they believe and doubt everyone they trust...
Roble Assassins 2006: You Only Live Twice Roble Assassins 2006: You Only Live Twice January 2006
My epic quest to ruin the lives of Roble freshmen with all-consuming games entered its second year as I organized Roble Assassins in January 2006. Ninety will play. Only one will win.
Roble Name Challenge Roble Name Challenge 2005-2006
An addictive memory game where you try to identify the most Roble residents as fast as possible. Can you beat vwu09? I doubt it. (No longer available online, but play the Congress Name Challenge instead!)
Roble Assassins 2005 Roble Assassins 2005 January 2005
In January 2005, I organized this annual water-gun sniping game for about 100 people in Roble Hall. Players advance by squirting their target in secret before another assassin squirts them first. The website enhanced the game with instant target reassignment, statistics on top assassins, and written accounts of the killings.
Roble Staff Shirt 2005
Breakout! (pdf) Breakout! (pdf) 2004
One of the few school projects I'm proud of, Breakout! was a version of the classic arcade game featuring bitmapped graphics, sound effects, 8 themed levels, and 7 types of bricks. Sure, it'd be easy in software, but Zi Shen Lim and I implemented it (with Verilog) entirely in hardware. You can't play it without a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA, but you can read our User's Manual and Circuit Description (pdf) online.
Short, Semi-Senseless Survey Short, Semi-Senseless Survey 2003
Way back in 2003, I sent this random survey out to the dorm chat list. At that time, making 3-D pie graphs was what I was best at. With a margin of error of 11.5%, I concluded that most Roble residents don't like Stanford Dining (what a surprise), and that I had way too much free time on my hands.
VirtualDorm VirtualDorm 2003-2004
See what residential life is like at Stanford with virtual tours of my freshman and sophomore year dorm rooms. Of course, my room was a bit cleaner than normal in these photos.